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The Father Christmas Experience

The Magical Enchanted Forest have been the proud creators and designers of The Father Christmas Experience at Priory Farm since 2020.

This year, follow the magic and get ready to go on a very special adventure to meet Father Christmas and his friends.

Will Mary Christmas be able to finish everything on time before the Christmas clock chimes? Tick tock, the clock won't stop, Henry Husky will be on be making sure all the Festive Folk are on time and no one misses out!


  • A Theatrical Experience - Get ready to be transported into a magical world of Christmas. Through storytelling, song and special effects, we will take you through to The Land of Christmas Wishes, creating a theatrical experience you will remember forever. 

  • Your Journey to meet Father Christmas - As you eagerly wait for your Christmas adventure to begin, look out for the Evergreen Elf who will invite you into the Fairy Forest, but only if you believe in the magic! In the Fairy Forest, Tinslebottom will be waiting for you. She will need your help to get through to The Land of Christmas Wishes where Mary Christmas is busy making sure everything is ready for Christmas!

  • Meeting Father Christmas - At the end of your festive journey, each family will be invited to see Father Christmas individually. You will have time to tell him everything you want for Christmas and take lots of photos too. Don’t forget to bring your letter too!

  • A Special Gift - Each Small Festive Folk will receive a special gift from Father Christmas. 

Believe in the magic of Christmas at Priory Farm. 

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'The most magical experience'

'This was the most magical Christmas experience, we loved it! It was so much more than just seeing Father Christmas.'

Jenny Thompson 2021

'A wonderful first Chistmas'

'We enjoyed it so much. You made my babies first Christmas really wonderful. One that I will tell her about when she is older. Thank you so much."

Kay White 2020


'Best we have been to in years'

'We wanted to say how wonderful your Christmas Expereince was. The best we have been to in years. Your team should all be very proud. Thank you and Merry christmas.' 

Emmet Family 2022

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